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Car Mechanic


We understand the uncertainties involved in buying used vehicles, so we safeguard your purchasing interest by providing an independent and expert assessment of overall condition and reliability of the unit.

This involves a rigorous 80-point inspection routine to determine the quality of the car.

The evaluation of a used car and its value requires professionals with the right testing equipment to provide an unbiased opinion.

With a pre-purchase car check at our workshop, you will be provided with not just a comprehensive evaluation report on any flaws or defects found in the inspection, but also an independent assessment on the car's condition, allowing you to determine and make a more informed buying decision.

Our car evaluation team will provide prospective car buyers an independent and factual assessment on the exterior and interior condition of pre-owned cars.  The assessment will help car buyers to get a sense of the actual condition of the pre-owned car and help them make the final decision on buying.

Our experienced mechanics will conduct extensive computerised diagnostics procedures—internal and external structural verification, wear-and-tear assessment, accident and damage evaluation and road worthiness tests, to help you ascertain the purchase with confidence.


What does the car evaluation service cover?


The extensive process involves a series of static vehicle checks and road test drives to provide an accurate evaluation of the vehicle.

  • Chassis Frame Inspection

  • Undercarriage Inspection

  • Rims, Tyres and Brake Rotor Inspection

  • Engine Bay Inspection

  • Boot Inspection

  • Bodyworks Inspection

  • Interior Inspection

  • Road Test

Benefits of car evaluation:

  • Gives car buyers Peace of Mind in their purchases

  • Enhance the value of the sellers' cars

  • Smoothen the used car buying/selling process

How can I use the report?

Our primary objective is to give you a full picture of the car’s condition so that you can make an informed purchase decision. You can also use the report to ask for a price reduction, or request the seller/dealer to repair the significant defects before purchase. Either way, the benefits far outweigh the nominal evaluation cost.

What if the seller/dealer refuses to have the car evaluated?

Having a used car evaluated before purchase is a very common practice, and the seller/dealer should oblige to your request. Be wary if the seller/dealer does not consent to one. He/she may be hiding some information from you. Some dealers may claim that the car has been evaluated but may be referring to the preliminary inspections.

Who should decide where to send the used car for evaluation?

As a rule of thumb, the buyer should be the one to decide where to send the car that he/she intends to buy for evaluation. Be wary if the seller insists on sending the car to their recommended evaluation centre/workshop as this might be disadvantageous to the buyer.

Our Price $98.00 Nett.

Includes a detailed 3 pages report & photographs.

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